Downloading and Uploading Data

Enable Advanced Features

To use Importing/Exporting features you will need to enable the "Advanced Features" option on the My Cards page.

Importing Data

Click the Import Data button to upload a .csv or .xls document (you can also drag/drop the file on to the My Cards page if "Advanced Features" is enabled).

The newly imported data will be assigned to your active template.

Important! If you have any previous entries in the data table, the imported data will replace them.

Connect the Table Entries to the Template's Placeholders

If you've imported data with column names that are different from the existing column names, you'll need to re-link the objects (from your design) to the data in your My Cards table.

Click the Placeholders & Columns button to link your new columns to placeholders from your template.

You can go back to the Design step and create new or disable previous placeholders as needed (you will need to check/uncheck "This Objects is a Placeholder" for the respective Objects).

Exporting Data

Click the Export Data button to download all your card entries in .csv format.

You can use this feature to download a template which will keep your Placeholders linked to the columns. ID Maker will automatically recognize the same column names and simply update the data when importing the updated spreadsheet.

Also, if you're editing a new template later on, you can upload this same data to use with it.

Template and Data Relationship Explained

If you download a template as a .bid file, and you have data in the My Cards section, that data will get saved together with the template. If you later upload the same template, it will have the same data associated with it.

You can think of the data as always being associated with the active template. If you start work on a new template, and you need to discard your active template, the data associated with it will be lost too.

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