Explaining Placeholders

Placeholders are objects that function as containers for future content.

You can turn text, image, and barcode objects into placeholders by selecting them and then clicking "This Object Is a Placeholder".

Their role is to help you reuse the same template to create multiple cards with varying content (like different names or pictures).

Text Placeholder

Text placeholders accept text values of any length.

You can choose to enable Adaptative Font Size for a text placeholder (option only visible after you've turned the object into a placeholder).

This ensures that longer text will still fit inside the allocated space.

Learn more about text placeholders.

Image Placeholder

Image placeholders accept pictures as a value. 

You can upload images in the My Cards step.

Learn more about image placeholders.

Barcode Placeholder

Barcode placeholders work similar to text placeholders, except that the text in these fields is used to generate a barcode. These text values need to be valid values for the chosen barcode type.

Learn more about barcode objects.

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