Connecting Placeholders to Data

The columns on the My Cards page should already be assigned to Objects in your design. There are times they can become disconnected though, for example if you change an object to not be a placeholder, then re-enable it, or if you import new data.

To connect Placeholders to the data in your My Cards table simply click the Placeholders & Columns button in the My Cards step. Here you can add, edit or delete columns from your data table. 

In the screenshot above, #1 and #2 are Text Placeholders, whereas #3 is an Image Placeholder. If you were to open this window and instead see this:

Here, #1 is set up, but #2 and #3 need to have their boxes checked to assign that data to the objects. Notice here that the Placeholders are only enabled for the correct data type. So for #2, the Type is Text, so the only objects you can assign are 1. Those that are Text objects, and 2. Those that are not already assigned to other Columns.

If you have objects that are not connected to a column, you will not be able to move to the next step. You will have to either disable those placeholders that are not connected, or drop all of them, in order to move to the next step (which is printing!).

Note that you can have Columns that are not assigned to Objects, but you can't have Objects which do not have Columns assigned. For example if in your Design you have a Text object for a Member Name, if you've marked this object as a Placeholder, then it must be assigned to some Column otherwise ID Maker doesn't know what text to insert in the placeholder when printing.

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