My Templates Explained

ID Maker supports storing multiple templates at a the time. You can switch between templates from the ID Maker Home / Templates page.

ID Maker saves changes to templates as soon as you make them.

Your templates are shown at the top of the Home / Templates page. Note that this section is only visible after you have opened or created a template and made changes to it.

Where are my templates stored?

It's important to note that your open templates are not stored in cloud storage. They are stored in your web browser's internal storage (in cookies and IndexedDB). Because of this, we cannot control how long the data is stored. If your web browser determines that space is getting low, it could decide to delete some or all of your data. Also, doing things like clearing your cache or moving to a new computer may remove your template data. Further, note that templates can only be accessed from the browser you started working in.

So, how do we avoid these problems? Simple - you can download the template as a file to your computer. With that you have full control over the storage of the file, and you can easily create backups, open the template in a different browser, or send it to a co-worker to make changes to or print from.

To learn more about that, see Downloading and Uploaded Templates.

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