Downloading and Uploading Templates

ID Maker only works with its own file format (file names end in ".bid").

Below we describe how to save and open these files. We recommend that you download your templates often to preserve your templates on your computer since ID Maker does not currently offer cloud storage, and as mentioned on the My Templates Explained page, your web browser could delete your data for a number of reasons. It's better to be safe and save them locally whenever possible.

Opening Files Made in Other Applications

If you need to use a design in ID Maker that you've created in another application, you would first need to save your design as an image, then you can insert it into a blank ID Maker document as an image object or as a background image. The background image page linked has some details on the best way to handle this.

Save / Download Template

You can save the latest version of your template by downloading it. Once you are done with modifying a template, click "Download this template" in the Design page.

You can also download from the My Templates section of the ID Maker home page. Simply click on the ... menu and select "Download Template"..

Next, save the .bid file to your computer:

Opening / Uploading Templates

To use a template you had previous saved (from ID Maker), you can upload it on the Templates page by clicking "Upload Template":

Browse and add the same .bid file that you previously downloaded:

You can also drag and drop an ID Maker template file (.bid) on to the ID Maker home page and the ID Maker Design page.

Downloaded Templates Include Card Data

If you have card entries in the My Cards section of your template (when using Placeholders), the text and images in this section will be downloaded when you download your template. When you later upload that same template, you will have that same data associated with it. If you have different data paired with different templates, each of those datasets will be included with their respective templates.

If you want to use a template's data with other templates, you can download the data separately as a .csv file. To do this enable "Advanced Features" on the "My Cards" page, then click "Export Data".

Later, when you're using another template, you can import the CSV on the "My Cards" page by clicking on the "Import Data" button.

Note that when you import a dataset it will replace the existing data.

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