What Is a Template?

A template is made out of:

  • Two sides (the sides of your card), and
  • A collection of objects (texts, shapes, images, etc.) that make out its design.
  • Either or both of the sides can also have a background.

You can download or upload any file with the .bid extension. 

The .bid extension marks a Brainstorm ID (BID) file type. This is the file type of all our templates.

Template Name

The title in the Design page is editable. That's the template's name.

You can change the name by clicking the title and typing a new one.

The template's name is shown in the file name, if you download it.

Template Sides

Each template has two sides: the front and the back. Each of them corresponds to a side of the card that you're making.

A side is a canvas. The canvas is the space that you add objects to. The canvas can also have a background color or it can take a background image.

Not everybody needs both sides. You can choose to leave one side blank.

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