Making Your First Card

To make your first ID card using your own printer, you will need card materials, one or a few tools and ID Maker.

Step 1: Get materials

You can make a card out of laminated Teslin or out of inkjet PVC cards. The same card design will work with either.

Check out the First Time Printing guide to see which solution, materials and tools would work best for you.

Step 2: Pick or Edit a Card Template

Use ID Maker to create your card template. You can design a template from scratch, just use one of our templates, or start from one of our templates and edit it to match your needs.

You can also print multiple cards using the same template, but with dynamic content. Example: print cards using the same template, and with different names, roles, and photo.

Step 3: Print Cards

Generate a Printable with ID Maker. This printable is especially made to work with our materials and your printer. 

Then you only need to print the cards using the instructions provided along with the printable.

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