How To Print

Printing cards can sometimes be a trial & error process. Different printer models that are using the same Printable may still have slight differences. To fix this, we will generate a Printable, test-print it, and check if it lines-up perfectly. If it doesn't, we can go back to the Print page, and do small adjustments to get it perfect. We'll cover this too below.

Printing your template to cards entails:

  • Generating a printable.
  • Printing it using the instructions provided.

There are a few basic steps to generating this printable, and a few more detailed ones. We'll go over most of them below.

Step 1: Choose your setup

Depending on whether you're printing on Teslin (and which configuration of Teslin) or with an Inkjet PVC Tray (and which model of tray) there are several setups to choose from:

Choose the configuration that matches your setup (in this case we are printing Inkjet PVC cards with a J Tray):

Depending on the chosen setup, you can also choose which card sides you want to include in the Printable. Front, back or both. In this case, we've chosen an Inkjet PVC Tray, and we only have the options of front OR back (we will generate 2 printables: one for the front, one for the back).

Bleed: Please check out this article to learn more about when you should enable a bleed.

For certain print types there will be a question asked, " Do you want to include just one card?". We will generate your ID card image in all print positions by default. So, for example, if you're printing to a PVC card tray with 2 slots - we'll automatically generate the image to print on both cards. If you only want to print on one of the cards, you should select "Yes, include just one card".

Step 2: Generate Printable.

Click "Generate Printable". Different setups come with different printing instructions (this is a step by step guide for how to print the printable for your chosen setup). You can open the instructions by clicking the link at the end.

Step 3: Test Print the Printable.

If your Printable is a bit off, you can adjust it manually. 

Does It Need Adjustments?

Check "I want to manually adjust this Printable" under Advanced Settings

This will open the custom adjustment form, where you can edit the margins and distances. Click "Generate Printable" again. You might need to do a few test prints until you get it perfectly.

If You Have Placeholders and Card Entries...

When you're generating a printable for a template that has data attached to it, you will also see a new block where you can choose whether you want to generate the printable with specific ID card entries (it can also be 1 single entry) or with all of your ID card entries.

Here is that block:

Here is how it looks when you want to print specific ID entries:

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