What Is Data in My Cards?

Data is a set of card entries.

You can see it as a table with columns in the My Cards step. Each row defines a card entry.

For example:

Employee Name Department Department Role ID Number Image
Doyle Marcantel Production Program Manager 690755039 DMarcantel
Lelia Kemper
Warehouse Director 995853844 LKemper1
Theodora Wrobel Accounting Team Lead 220766283 TWROBEL
Roseanne Kovacich Sales Team Lead 143127965 RKovacich

We can use data together with Placeholders to print multiple cards with the same card template, but with varying content.

If you your data is all created on the My Cards page, it should be automatically associated with the objects in your design which you've set to be Placeholders. If something becomes disconnected though you can easily link Placeholders to data to restore the connection.

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