Canon MP PVC Card Tray - 2 Cards

  1. Do not insert the tray until the printer tells you to do so - follow the steps below.
  2. Open the generated PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader. See Notes at the bottom of this page.
  3. Select File > Print
  4. Make sure that any Scaling settings are set to 100%. Failure to do this will cause your ID Cards to print too small, too large, or in the wrong location. See Note 2 below.
  5. Select Paper Size: 120 x 120mm or Multi Purpose Tray (whichever option you have available).
  6. Go to Media & Quality and select these 2 options: Feed from: CD-DVD Tray, and Media Type: Disc
  7. Place 2 cards in the PVC Card Tray (even if you are only printing on one).
    1. If you are printing more than 2 cards you can send all cards to the printer at once, the printer will print them in order, asking you to re-insert the tray after each print completes.
  8. Don't insert the PVC Card Tray yet.
  9. Press Print on your computer.
  10. The printer will then make some noise for a few moments, it should retract the paper output tray, eventually it will stop and it will tell you on the printer's screen to insert the tray.
  11. Now insert the tray, pushing it in as far in as it will go without force.
  12. Press the OK button on the printer's screen to start printing.
  13. If you print with a bleed, be sure to turn your tray upside down to remove the cards onto your desk, then wipe the tray with a paper towel/cloth to get excess ink off the tray. Doing this will avoid getting ink smudges on your hands and cards.


When printing on Inkjet PVC: Click the link below for a video that shows how to set up the print settings in the Acrobat Reader app.





On macOS 10.14 and higher you may run in to a problem printing from the Preview application. We've found that in this case Acrobat Reader is able work.


On Windows 10 there is no way to adjust Scaling when printing from the default Windows PDF application. Instead, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader, or the built-in PDF reader in the Google Chrome browser.

Where to Insert Tray

On Canon TS printers (TS7xx, TS8xxx, TS9xxx) you insert the tray between the paper output tray and the section above it. You need to push the paper output tray all the way into the printer so it is flush with the upper section. This will form a slot for the card tray to be inserted.

You do not want to insert the tray until the printer signals that it's safe to do so!

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