Troubleshooting Canon Inkjet PVC Printing on macOS

If you're having trouble printing from macOS, this guide will help you get things working.

This may look intimidating, but this should cover every model of Canon printer.

  1. Go to Print to open the Print Dialog.
  2. Check the Paper Size drop-down menu to see if you have either the “Disc Tray” or “120 x 120mm” or "4.72 x 4.72 inches" option. If you do have any of these options, skip to step 3.
    1. Close the Print Dialog by going to Cancel.
    2. If neither option is available, you need to remove the printer from System Preferences and re-add it.
    3. If the printer has a Canon driver available you need to use that driver. If a printer does not have a Canon driver, use AirPrint (or Secure AirPrint).
      1. Printers with Canon Drivers: MG54xx, MX92x, TS80xx, TS90xx, PRO-100
      2. Do NOT have Canon Drivers: TS70x, TS81xx, TS82xx, TS83xx, TS91xx, TS92xx, TS95xx
      3. Removing/Re-Adding Printer
        1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences
        2. Click on “Printers & Scanners”
        3. Find your printer in the list on the left and select it. Then, click the Minus sign at the bottom. If your printer is listed multiple times, remove all of them.
        4. Click the Plus sign at the bottom.
        5. If you installed a Canon Driver above select your printer and be sure to select the entry for it that says “Canon IJ Network” under “Kind”.
          1. Make sure where it says “Use” at the bottom that it says “Canon X series” (where X is your printer’s model series).
        6. If your printer does not have a Canon Driver, select the one that says “Bonjour” or “Bonjour Multifunction” for Kind.
        7. Click “Add”
        8. Go back to the application you are printing from and go to Print to open the Print Dialog.
  3. Make sure that any Scaling settings are set to 100%. Failure to do this will cause your ID Cards to print too small, too large, or in the wrong location.
  4. If you have Paper Size named “120 x 120mm” or "4.72 x 4.72 inches" available, select that. If you have a Paper Size named “Disc Tray G/J/K/M” or “Multi-Purpose Tray”, select that.
  5. In the drop-down menu in the Print Dialog if you have an option named “Quality & Media” select it, then select these 2 options:
    1. Feed from: CD-DVD Tray
    2. Media Type: Disc
  6. If you do not have “Quality & Media” in the drop-down menu, but you DO have “Printer Features”, select that, then set these 3 options:
    1. Media Type: Printable Disc
    2. Paper Source: Disc Tray
    3. IMPORTANT: Quality: Fine. Other settings will not work, including “Normal (Fine)”.
  7. Save Print Settings to make future printing easier (Optional):
    1. Double-check that you have set all of the settings mentioned above!
    2. At the top of the Print Dialog, it says “Presets”, click the drop-down menu and go to “Save Current Settings as Preset…”
    3. Name the Preset “Inkjet PVC Card Printing”
    4. Select “Only this printer”
    5. Click “OK”
    6. Now, the next time you go to print, you can select the Preset menu and go to “Inkjet PVC Card Printing” to set the print options. Just be careful, the Scaling setting may need to be set each time you print.
  8. Place 2 cards in the PVC Card Tray (even if you are only printing on one).
  9. Don't insert the PVC Card Tray yet.
  10. Press Print on your computer.
  11. The printer will then make some noise for a few moments, it should retract the paper output tray, eventually, it will stop and it will tell you on the printer's screen to insert the tray. 
  12. Now insert the tray, pushing it in as far in as it will go without force.
  13. Press the OK button on the printer's screen to start printing.

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