Tips & Tricks

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Commands to select tools (if implemented)
  • Explain how using modifiers (shift) can affect how a tool works:
    • shift dragging lets you scale without equal proportion
    • shift on the side handles lets you skew the object
    • alt/option when dragging the corner of an option makes it scale from the center of the object instead of from that corner
    • alt/option dragging an object duplicates it
    • alt/option dragging the object handles will scale from the center of the object instead of from the opposite side/corner of the object.
  • Arrow keys can move objects, shift+arrow keys moves them more precisely
  • Normal Commands:
    • Copy/Paste/Cut/Delete/Undo
    • Arrow Keys, Shift + Arrow Keys
  • Insert Objects:
    • t - text object
    • i - image
    • c - circle
    • s - square
    • l - line
  • Escape - Deselects all selected objects
  • Alignment - These work all the time - so they work when a single/multiple objects are selected with and without a "key" object.
    • ac - Align Center (horizontal)
    • am - Align Middle (vertical)
    • aa - Align Both Center and Middle
    • at - Align top
    • ab - Align bottom
    • al - Align left
    • ar - Alright right
  • n or p - Next page
  • Shift+L - Lock current objects

Drag & Drop

Anything that you can upload into the app, you can also drag & drop it into that same page.

You can upload, and also drag & drop, various files at the Start, Design, and My Cards steps.

Here is a complete list of what you can do:

  • You can drag & drop a .bid template from your computer instead of clicking Upload template.
  • You can drag & drop images on top of either of the template's sides instead of clicking Add image.
  • You can drag & drop .csv and .xls files instead of clicking Import CSV.
  • You can drag & drop an image, more images, or a ZIP with images instead of clicking Upload images in the My Cards step.

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