Align Multiple Objects

Let's say you have 2 objects and you want to align one of the objects to the other object. For example if you want the circle to be centered on top of the square on the card shown below:

To do this, just select both objects. You can do this by clicking and dragging to select them, or click on one object and then hold the "shift" key on the keyboard when clicking on other objects to add them to the selection.

Then you'll have this:

Ok, now what you want to do is click once on the object you want to align TO. In this example, we'd click once on the square. When you do this the object you've select will be highlighted with a Red outline:

Now you can use the Alignment tools and the other objects will align based on the red outlined object.

So if we want to center the circle, we'd click on the vertical and horizontal align buttons.

After doing that, you'll have this:

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