Using Printables

A printable is the end goal: it is the file that you can open and print to make the cards of your design, with your content, on the Brainstorm products of your choice.

You can configure it on the Print page, by choosing which products you're using.

The Print page lets you configure your printable to match the Brainstorm materials that you're printing on. 

Configure printable

To configure your printable, you will first need to choose the products that you're going to print on at What will you print on?

Each of our product setups has an entry in that dropdown.


  • Teslin 1-Up - 1 card
  • Teslin 2-Up - 2 cards
  • Teslin 8-Up - 8 cards
  • Canon M PVC Card Tray - 2 cards
  • Canon MP PVC Card Tray - 2 cards
  • Etc.

You can choose which template side or sides you want in this printable under Which ID Card side do you want to include?

Your options are:

  • Front side
  • Back side
  • Both sides (this option is available some of the times, depending on which Brainstorm products you're printing on).

Example: If you're printing with Canon MP PVC Card Tray - 2 cards, no matter if you're making one or more cards at that moment, it's easier to have a printable for the Front side and another one for the Back side.

Do you want to include just one card? Check this option if you are going to print just one card.

Example: If you are printing with Canon MP PVC Card Tray - 2 cards and have checked to include Front side, your printable will have two front sides inside, one for each card. Even if you place one single card in the tray, your printer will still print over the other (blank) slot. When you check this option, your printable will have only one front side inside, and your printer will print over that slot only.

Remember: Put 2 cards in the tray even if you're printing just one.

Generate printable

Options before generating are:

  • Manually adjust the printable (in case of small misalignments).
  • Open printable in new window or download it.

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