Which Printing Layout Should I Select?

I'm Printing on Inkjet PVC Cards

Canon Printers

Most of our trays have the letter code on the tray at the bottom left corner. This applies to all Canon trays: G, J, K, M, MP. If your tray has one of those letters, then select the corresponding tray in the list. 

If your tray is for a Canon printer, and does not have a letter on it, it is almost certainly the G or J tray.

Select "Canon G PVC Card Tray - 2 cards" if your tray looks like this:

Select "Canon J PVC Card Tray - 2 cards" if your tray looks like this:

If your tray has multiple options in ID Maker, for example, "Canon J PVC Card Tray - 2 cards" and "Canon J PVC Card Tray (Alternate) - 2 cards", you will need to test each option to determine the correct fit.

Epson Printers

Epson trays are identified by the models they are used with. This is imperfect, but you can match up the tray to select by looking at the photos of the trays on the product pages.

Select "Epson R200/R280 PVC Card Tray - 2 cards" for these trays:

Select "Epson Artisan 1430 - 4 cards" for this tray:

I'm Printing on Teslin

When printing on Teslin you just want to look at your sheet of Teslin. If it has 1 perforated card, it's 1-Up, 2 cards is 2-up, and 8 cards is 8-up.

If the sheet does not have any perforations you will want to use the 8-up layout.

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