Which Current Printers Can Use an Inkjet PVC Card Tray?

The first thing that's important to keep in mind is that there are only trays for two brands of inkjet printers: Canon and Epson. Trays can't be made for laser printers, nor for any other brand of inkjet printer that we have come across.

How Do You Make a PVC Card Tray / How Does It Work?

The printers that we are able to make a tray for support printing on inkjet printable CDs/DVDs/BluRay discs. These printers come with a tray that you place the disc in, then that tray feeds through the printer to print on the surface of the disc.

The way that we enable you to print on PVC cards is by making a tray that matches the disc printing tray which can hold PVC cards instead of discs.

If I Want to Buy a Printer to Use With One of Your Trays, Which One Should I Get?

As of November 2021 there are only a handful of printer models still being made that will work with our trays. We've broken them down below by which one of our trays should be used with each printer.

Keep in mind, the model numbers below are for all countries. We've bolded the models that are sold in the US/Canada.
See below the list of printers for a guide to figure out which model numbers your country uses.

Canon MP Tray

Canon Pixma TS700 Series: TS701, TS702, TS703, TS704, TS705, TS706, TS707, TS708, TS709

Canon Pixma TS8300 Series: TS8310, TS8320, TS8322, TS8330, TS8340, TS8350, TS8351, TS8352, TS8360, TS8370, TS8380, TS8390, TS8391, TS8392

Canon Pixma TS9500 Series: TS9510, TS9520, TS9521C, TS9530, TS9540, TS9541C, TS9550, TS9551C, TS9560, TS9561C, TS9570, TS9580, TS9590.

Japan Only: Canon Pixus TS8430, XK80, XK90

For Canon printers use this guide for figuring out the correct model number for your country.

USA/Canada/Mexico: Models end in in "2" or "2X". For example TS702, TS8320, TS8322.

Japan: Models end in "3" or "3X". For example TS703, TS8330. Note that Japan is where Canon is from, so there are additional models released there that are not released in other countries.

Middle East: Models end in "4" or "4X". For example TS704, TS8340.

Europe: Models end in "5" or "5X". For example TS705, TS8350, TS8351.

Oceania: Models end in "6" or "6X". For example TS706, TS8360.

Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia : Models end in "7" or "7X". For example TS707, TS8370.

China: Models end in "8" or "8X". For example TS708, TS8380.

What about the Canon Pro-200/Pro-300

These printers can use our Canon "A" Tray insert. But please note that we are still testing this and there may be a problem similar to the Epson XP series problem described below.

Epson 1430 Tray / Epson 1430 Conference Badge Tray

This tray works with these Epson models:

Epson Artisan 1430

Epson Stylus Photo: 1400, 1410, 1430W, 1500W, R800, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2880

Epson SureColor: P400, P600.

What About the Epson ET or XP Series?

Unfortunately there are no trays that will work with the Epson ET or XP line of printers.
We have looked in to making trays for these printers, but unfortunately even on the models that do support CD/DVD printing there is a problem with the printer's software/drivers that forces the printer to artificially disallow printing outside the bounds of a CD/DVD, as well as to disallow printing where the center of the CD/DVD would be. Epson probably considers this a feature to help when printing on discs. Unfortunately with those constraints, there isn't enough room to fit an ID card.

If we find a workaround to this problem, we will certainly consider making a tray that works with the XP line.

Printer X Supports CD/DVD Printing - Why Don't You Make a Tray for It?

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. Like the Epson ET/XP printers mentioned above, some printers have software problems that make it impossible to print on the full surface of a card - in which case a card tray wouldn't be very useful.

The other problem that comes up from time to time is that a printer will be released with a tray that is ONLY used with that single model/series of printers. In this case, it's typically not worth it for us to make a tray because sales of it would be so low. An example of this is the Canon IP8700 series - this series uses an "H" tray, but this tray is not used with any other printers. This is not a terribly popular printer series, so it never made sense to invest in making a tray for it.

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