Is My Data Private?

Yes, your data is private and never leaves your computer.

ID Maker does not store your data

Brainstorm ID Maker does not store anything about your work. It is all saved in your browser's memory as cookies or browser storage.

All parts of your work in progress are saved in your browser's memory, which includes:

  • Your templates
  • Any Placeholder data associated with your templates
  • All images (from your templates or Placeholder data)


  • If you reopen the ID Maker app with the same browser, it will read the browser's storage to show your work in progress.
  • If you open the ID Maker app with a different browser, it's like starting from scratch, you won't see any work in progress.

More examples

We do not store your employee names.

We do not store any of your uploaded pictures. This includes pictures that you're using to create the design of your template and images that you use on the My Cards page for Placeholders (example: photos of your employees or event attendees).

If you upload 50 pictures on the My Cards page and use 10, you can access the other 40 by clicking Unused images. These images are all still retrieved from your browser's memory.

We do not store any of the copyrighted materials that you might use as part of your template design. Example: your company logo.

ID Maker does not read your data

Brainstorm ID Maker makes no attempt to copy or understand your data.

It gets all data from your browser's memory, displays it, and formats it for printing without it ever being sent to our servers.

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